A few questions about Installing Senaite

Hello, I’m new with this kind of setups, I’m attempting to install Senaite to help a Lab in South America with very low budget and I have a few questions.
Any help is much appreciated it.
1- I see two setups A- Installation · SENAITE and B- Complete setup guide, step-by-step - #22 by Jeff-DFWEnv

  • Both versions uses Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server but now Ubuntu Server is on release 20.04 LTS. Is this for a reason?
  • Also, option A uses Plone 4 and option B uses Plone 5. Plone 6 is out, Can this be used?
  • Same thing with Python, both use Python 2.7 but 3 it’s been out for a while.
  • With the new Senaite 2.1.0 do We need to stick with Plone 5.2.5 and Python 2.x.?

2- I’m watching a tutorial on Plone installation: https://youtu.be/q_aE9GtpUlE

  • They mention the use of a server like an AWS. Is this something We will need to implement to run Senaite for a lab?

3- I started with this install: Complete setup guide, step-by-step - #22 by Jeff-DFWEnv
but I only made it to: $bin/buildout
when this came out: -bash: bin/buildout: No such file or directory
I couldn’t keep on. any clue on how to fix this?


Having the same issue