Attachments do not show up when viewing Senaite.Impress through NGINX

Whenever I access my Senaite site via NGINX (setup the default Plone way) they do not display in the Senaite.Impress reports.

I can download the images via NGINX, and they look just fine, so I’m confident that the images ARE accessible through the webserver.

I can also navigate to my site directly (on port 8080) and they display perfectly fine, so I believe my Senaite.Impress report is correctly formatted.

Any thoughts on why this occurs? I get a Pixbuf error: Unrecognized image file format in my Plone output when the report runs via NGINX, but the JPEG looks fine when downloaded via the Sample View.

Attachment loaded on Sample

Attachment does NOT show up when the report is run via NGINX (port 80)

Error in terminal after report is run via NGINX (port 80)

Report successfully displaying image when accessed directly (port 8080)

Success statement in terminal when running the report directly (port 8080)