Delete all data and all configuration items


I have been using the Bika and Senaite Setup data upload Template 1.9 to load configuration for a new lab. After several tries, I believe I have a good template that is ready to use :slight_smile:

My problem is… after several test iterations, my test environment is now filled with a bunch of configuration items that I no longer want (duplicates, “junk”, etc.). So, my question is… what is the best way to reset a Senaite instance so that all data and all configuration is “wiped-out” so that I can start again fresh with a clean configuration dataset from my upload template?

FYI, I am doing my testing in a local Docker container, using Senaite version 2.2.0 and Plone 5.2.7.

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated !

Hi @dtaph

You have to export your configuration files, clear your site data by deleting the storage and blob storage files, re-run buildout. On the clean site, you then need to import your exported setup data

Hi Ronald,

Thanks for the information. Yes, I was able to re-configure the system cleanly, by deleting the site data first, and then re-importing the configuration data.

Thanks again !

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