Does SENAITE support sampling workflow?

Hi all,

As we are looking at SENAITE for hospital setup, there is a workflow on which I’d need some precision.

At first look it appears SENAITE doesn’t cover the sampling activity and rather assumes that samples have already been sampled.
For instance, creating a new Sample asks for the mandatory field of Date Sampled.

However, in a hospital, part of the Lab workflow is to actually do the sampling, ie taking the blood/skin/urine…

I couldn’t find anything about this in the SENAITE documentation, but I could find a line on the Bikka LIMS doc, but no further steps on how to configure this.

Sampling workflow

Labs doing sampling themselves, wil run the LIMS with its Sampling workflow enabled, and register the samples beforehand

The SENAITE UI though suggests that there is a sample status transition that should be configured, and that shows when willing to change a sample from Registered to Sample Due.
See screenshot below:

(cc @ruhanga, @Espurna @xispa )


@Espurna @xispa, do you have any take on the above by any chance?

I do not know the current sampling workflow, but you can check the setuup page for the following option: SamplingWorkflowEnabled