How to write formula by mathjax in Methods

I’m writing formula in methods instruction, but don’t how to write formula by mathjax. Can someone have idea? I know how to write formula by mathjax in plone , but don’t know if effective in the same way?

Hi @xuhaida

I do not totally understand your requirement, never the less have you looked at the Calculations section of Senaite setup? You can access it via: serverip/bika_setup/bika_calculations/

If you share your calculation or explain your use case better I might be in a better position to assist

Here is how I write formula in plone.Mathjax Plone 5 - PloneEdu - Plone Community](Mathjax Plone 5 - PloneEdu - Plone Community)

Hi @xuhaida

Why do you want to use mathajax? Is the current bika_calculations not enough or possible for your use case. You can also write your formula using Python. I am sure to associate your calculation to a method in Senaite you have to use the bika_calculations machinery

Just to convenient to analyst to read.