Imported Results Appears as Numbers Only from Instrument


I have setup an analyisis service that has results options with values 0,1,2 as negative, postive and Indeterminate respectively. When I enter these results manually the results are presented as the report values negative positive or indeterminate. However if I do a manual import from a CSV file it only shows the numeric values.

It there a way to show them as the reported value as is with the manual entry of results?

Which instrument import interface are you using? The results import tool should resolve the results automatically, so they should be displayed the same way, regardless of being manually entered or imported. Do the values in the CSV file match with any of the result options you’ve defined (0, 1, 2)?

Also, keep in mind that when you modify an Analysis Service (e.g., you set results options), changes will only take effect to newly created analyses. So might be that you are importing results for analyses that were created before this change.

Hi Jordi,

I am using the genericCSV instrument for this. I loading from a CSV file export from a RT-PCR Machine. I have also defined the options as 0 - Negative, 1 - Postive and 2 for Indeterminate. An the import match.

I will try wil a newly create analyses and revert to you.

Hi, same problem here, did you solve the problem @yofori?

I get result 1 / 0 with CSV import and also in the report I get 1 / 0 and not the corrispondent Visualization Values (Positive / Negative)

If I select manually I have Text values (Positive or Negative).

thanks for helping

No, I was not able to get this resolved. The issue is still pending. Any help here?