Introduce yourself, tell us who you are and why you chose SENAITE LIMS

Who’s new to SENAITE? Did you migrate from another LIMS or what is your reason?

Thanks and we’re happy to hear from you:)


Hi everyone,
I’m happy to join the community. Our company for DNA/RNA analytics is looking for an alternative to our current (subscription) LIMS system. On my way searching through I found several, but the reason why we aim at trying out SENAITE is that it is the LIMS with

  • most functionalities
  • highest customisability
  • up-to-date and active development and active community
    Kind regards and looking forward to learn more about it!

Hello Everyone,

Happy to join the community too. We are investigating Senaite and hope to use it as a LIMS for our workflow. I have used other LIMS systems in the past, mostly to process oncology cases, and these systems have been adequate for our needs, but they were also expensive. Senaite seems to offer a lot of features that may enable a nice laboratory workflow for our cases. We are especially interested in receiving test orders via the API, and reporting results via the API (among other things).

I am still learning about Senaite, and I may have some technical questions for the community, at some point, so thanks to anyone who may be able to help. And of course, as I learn more about Senaite, I’ll be happy to assist others that may have questions in subject areas that I am familiar with.

Best of luck to all, in our Senaite journey!




I’m Leo and we’re running and customizing Senaite for a few genetics labs. I would recommend anyone to join community and consider Senaite as your everyday lab tool. Which can be easily (or almost easily) integrated with other components of your IT-infrastrucutre, e.g. EHR, CRM, patient portals and etc. My personal favorite integration pattern to use FHIR as interoperability standard.




I’m trying Senaite in a virtual machine at the moment. Using and configuring various functions and comparing it to a (subscription) system currently used at my institution.
Planning to use it one day if/when I need to open a lab in Africa - hopefully in the near future. I have loved the concept of open source software since I heard the work Linux, and the word “Ubuntu” - which actually originates in Africa, means “I am because we are” - is how the Senaite community seems to be, albeit since I’ve joined it in September 2021. I know the frustrations we have at our current institution with the subscription system and I promised myself I’ll never not have access to the source code of the LIMS I intend to use - it’s like going on a bicycle trip without a spare tube.

I loved Wordpress for web site development and the discovery of Senaite led me to Plone (similar in concept) but built on Python - of which I have some basic knowledge - which just seemed amazing. Apparently the security of it is also great - used by some big institutions like the FBI - which we’ll need to test a bit in the near future.

Altogether looks like a great (almost) ready-to-use package - and it’s free.
Hope to be able to give something back to the developers in the near future - and perhaps contribute to the project as well.