Memory leakage during bulk objects creation

I’ve noticed strange Senaite behavior while creating new objects in bulk or generating a lot of analysis reports via Senaite.Impress. Senaite starts to increase memory utilization and no evidence it is going to release any memory later. When it fills all available memory Senaite restarts with no error messages or warnings. After restart memory utilization rate back to normal.

Any advice on where to look/check for?

I suspect it’s more Plone or Zope-related issue, but probably somebody dealt with it before?


Zope keeps objects in memory until the zodb-cache-size is reached, i.e. the number of objects which the ZODB cache will try to hold.
If you run out of memory, try to reduce this number in your buildout.cfg plone.recipe.zope2instance and re-run your buildout.
Anyhow, free memory is wasted memory. This is also the case in Linux environments, which is the reason why memory is never freed and always becomes completely used after a while.

thanks! ))))) you’re right on “free memory is wasted one”. I was just confused that zope silently reboots