Permissions Error when saving a Batch

Hi, When our Lab manager saves a new batch with remarks this error appears in the logs:


Not Supported


The action against the batch.2021-02-08.4854563382 object could not be carried out. One of the following constraints caused the problem:

The object does not support this operation.

-- OR --

The currently logged-in user does not have the Copy or Move permission respective to the object.

He does have the Copy or Move permission for Batches as far as I can see.

It may be related to creating the remark - this line is also in the logs: - traceback_info: (<Batch at /senaite/batches/batch.2021-02-08.4854563382>, <Field Remarks(remarks:rw)>, <bound method Batch.setRemarks of <Batch at /senaite/batches/batch.2021-02-08.4854563382>>).

Any assistance gratefully received!

I observed this behaviour too.
Maybe it fails, because the batch isn’t created yet.
My workaround is creating the batch without remarks and add them afterwards.