Senaite 2.2.0 installation

Hi Senaite specialists,

I had been playing around a bit with Senaite and was for testing purposes setting it up in our corporate network. It is set up on a Debian machine which serves it to clients within the local network.
During this process I had found a lot of different instructions, referring to different versions of Senaite, Plone, etc., and after many failures I ended up with a working installation. However, I am really not sure if I might be missing something, as it was simply too easy - compared to many of the instructions.

Perhaps you can tell me if I should actually be fine with this setup, or if there are any caveats I should be aware of. During the course of the first trials, conda was installed as well as a few system libraries and packages, which I have not included here as a prerequisite (though they might of course be needed for reproduction).

conda create --name senaite_trial python=2.7
conda activate senaite_trial
cd senaite.lims-2.x/
pip install zc.buildout
sed -i 's/' buildout.cfg 
bin/instance fg

This brings it up and running and I can access it from a remote client.

So now I wonder, should that be reproducible (given conda and any required system packages had been installed), or does this work as I have produced all kind of setups involving Senaite and Plone in my previous, failed, attempts?

Thanks for your comments,

Hi @shk

The approach you outlined above should be fine for testing purposes. For production purposes i would strongly recommend following the Plone production Install Guide: Production — Plone Documentation v5.2

For production please make sure you have working backups and your server security is good if exposed to the outside world. You can also go with a Software as a Service provider.