SENAITE Health vs Patient

New installer here with a patient oriented lab and trying to figure out a few things after jumping head first into the SENAITE community. First off though, hats off to the devs and those supporting SENAITE and so glad it’s here!

So questions and thoughts. First is as a new user I started with the getting started guide on the website and then tried to install senaite.patient after getting senaite.lims up and running only, and I don’t remember why, it wouldn’t install. So then I remembered and tried that only to find out that it’s version pinned to senaite.core < 1.4. Did some more digging and decided to just delete my install and start again on senaite 1.35. So that works and I was able to get health and jsonapi installed. But after digging into posts here on the community and in the repos it brought up a few questions.

  1. Does have a future in senate >= 2?
  2. If not, is there an upgrade path from to senaite.patient where I don’t loose my data or options?
  3. If I’m to senaite - which path should I take on a production system? Senaite 1.x is only PLONE 4.3 which is no longer being updated so that seems like a bad start.

I searched through many sources trying to find answers to these questions but kept coming up empty, so apologies if these have been answered somewhere else. But any thoughts people have would be greatly appreciated!