Test Data Export/Import


I had a look at the Excel file used to import example setup data, src/bika/lims/setupdata/test/test.xlsx

I saw that when selecting it in “Import/Load Setup Data”, it populates Senaite with a lot of data. Unfortunately it does not create any samples and analysis results.

I guess the respective Sheet in the Spreadsheet would be “Analyses”, which is empty?

Is there a way to go the other way round, export a spreadsheet from a Senaite install populated with data? I guess this might, in the end be a simple way to transfer our “homemade” data collection of samples and results into Senaite (or I could be totally wrong).

In reply to @ronaldm response in the introductory thread, we do not have our data in actual spreadsheets, but could easily create such from our database in a suitable form for import in Senaite. I could, however, not yet find documentation on the actual form of such a spreadsheet - or if it would actually work out as we think it might…


Hi @shk

The excel file is for uploading your initial system configuration data. That file is dated, a lot has changed within the system and you will get errors if you use that method for importing your configuration data.

Yes, that’s correct, the file is not for creating Samples and Analysis results. For Instrument results import have a look at the BIKA Labs produced manual: 13.8 Instrument Results Import — LIMS Collective & 13.9 Results Spreadsheet Imports — LIMS Collective

This video might give you an idea on how the Instrument import works: Bika Senaite Instrument Interfacing - YouTube

You can export and import your configuration data as a tarball file: Import demo data in tests with Generic Setup by ramonski · Pull Request #2008 · senaite/senaite.core · GitHub

Hi @shk

Bika Labs has documented how to import setup data using excel sheets: Configure Bika Senaite using spreadsheet imports — LIMS Collective and they have a fairly updated Google Sheet of the configuration file: Bika and Senaite Setup data upload Template 1.8 - Google Tabellen