Using the create API Creation of 'None' is not allowed

Hi trying to test using the post method and getting Creation of ‘None’ is not allowed

Basically trying to follow the documentation below and pass the params as headers in postman. Its not clear what to pass.


Body Content type (application/json):

“portal_type”: “Client”,
“Name”: “Test Client”,
“ClientID”: “TEST-01”,
“parent_path”: “/senaite/clients”

You need to call the create operation after being logged in. The system tries to resolve login as a portal type and returns None because it obviously does not exist.

Do a GET Request first to authenticate. E.g.:

After being authenticated, do a POST with the create operation:

Note that if you add the resource Client before the operation create you don’t need to specify the portal type (portal_type parameter in the POST body). More information about how this works here:

Hope it helps