Well plating step and worksheet export


we’ve a standard 96-well thermocycler in our lab up and running and wish to implement samples plating and worksheet export.

so I’m considering options for how it might be organized.

for now, I’m adding “plating” as a service, add this service to the profile. and capture well-ID as service (test) results to be able to export the worksheet to the instrument.

Does anyone have another implementation or is this one only possible to capture samples positions on the plate?


I have the exact same question. Would like worksheets to be able to plate samples on 96 well plate and choose position on plate A1-12, B1-B12, C1-C12, etc etc.

Hi @noblelabs ,

we’re working on such kind of a tool for amplification devices. Please have a look at the prototype here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ts1iU5fE84dVecbqSiOH-IB8ywpOSvQU/view


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@toropok This looks great! When can we expect this to come out?

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