Where to find senaite.impress:Default.pt

Hi ,
I need to modify the final results reports templates " senaite.impress:Default.pt" where I can find it ?

Hi @sami , result reports templates that come by default with SENAITE can be found here:

However, better create your own add-on instead of modifying the base code. In such case, you can easily add your own reports by creating your own reports folder and register it in a configure.zcml file as an static resources directory:


Thanks @xispa … I am new to plone (but 15y of programming) …
My need is to remove the footer part of the generated Default.pt. So I assume all what I need is to copy the standard and modify it a pit.
Q1. Where to find the standard default.pt? Where in senaite.impress ?

Now, after locating it … what I need to do is
1. Create an add-on for MyPackage
2. Create directory called “reports”
3. past on it the “Default.pt” and change on it and call it “MyNewDefault.pt”

Q2. How to link it… is it going to be automatically shows as one of the dropdown options at impress tool screen(not sure what you call it) ?
Q3. Also do I need add others xml tags in configure.zcml like here

Appreciate your time.

Yes, your new report template will be displayed automatically in the dropdown options list at impress tool

Hi Sir, I read through the link given. But I am unsure where should I locate the configure.zcml file and where should I place the the .pt report template that I made. It will be great if you can give me some guide on that. Thank you.

Hi there, @sami have you manage to apply/link your custom report to the LIMS? Do you mind to share a step-by-step guideline on that? Thank you.

No… I still could not figure it out. I have did the change to Default.pt it self but still …the Default report still show the old content

@xispa hi Jordi… Do I need to do any thing else to make the Default.pt get refreshed… I have corrupted it just to see what effects…but still showing the old Deafault.pt in the system and still render good?