Where to start learning the Senaite code?

With the lack of documentation where is the best place to start learning the senaite code? I know python and would like to get Senaite up and running in my lab, however I am uncomfortable completely changing to Senaite without a good understanding of how everything works.

Senaite is based on Plone, so a good start is having a look at Plone’s documentation:

A lot of efforts have been put on having a well documented and tested code. So a good way to understand how Senaite works is consulting the code.

Tests are a good tool to understand how the system works. You have the folder of tests here: https://github.com/senaite/senaite.core/tree/master/bika/lims/tests

I strongly suggest reading the doctests: https://github.com/senaite/senaite.core/tree/master/bika/lims/tests/doctests because they are “human readable”.

For example,

The Senaite API is a good place to find useful functions and understand some interactions with the architecture: https://github.com/senaite/senaite.core/tree/master/bika/lims/api


Thank you! This is very helpful.

Can you please learn how to test the operation step by step like doctests document?