Add data fields to a Content Type

I’ve recently gotten an instance of Senaite set up on our server to see if this could be right for our facility. We want to use this as a tool to seek laboratory accreditation and hope that it can help us with much of the paperwork associated with that process. I’m still trying to figure out how all of the tables are connected but I’m realizing already that we’d like to make some adjustments or customization to some of the “content types”. For one example, LabProduct has six fields: title, description, volume, unit, VAT %, and price excluding VAT. What if we wanted to attach a pdf copy of a certificate of analysis to each lab product? What about an expiration date? How could we add additional fields? Is this achieved through Plone? Are there any available resources that could at least point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!

Hi @bearwithme,

Any feedback from your experience testing Senaite is welcome!

To modify/customize an element in Senaite is good to follow the approach that Plone offers with the Addon architecture. With an Addon you will be able to add, remove and modify almost any element or functionality in Senaite.

With programming skills you can:

To develop an addon you might find interesting Senaite API to simplify calls to Senaite objects: It was designed to ease common tasks for developers such as searching data.

Here you will find some documentation about the API:

I hope this helps you.