API creates Sample with 33 chars length

Hi All,
In SENAITE, I am trying to create a sample via API. When I send the POST request, API creates sample, but the Sample id is 33 chars length. But, when I create manually its just 6 chars.

Anybody have any idea what could be the problem? The following is the post request I am sending via Postman. Thank you.

“Contact”: “2f44291246344d37b9144a5e6b087281”,
“sampleType”: “65717a3b4a64472d8db5d4afed73eb72”,
“Analyses”: [“Bottling Startup”,“Alcohol”],
“DateSampled”: “2021-07-27”,
“ClientOrderNumber”: “WO12345678”,
“ClientReference”: “Wo123456-X”

Prabu M