Are we able to modify the "Senaite Test Lab" details with our own Lab details?

As the title says, I’m not sure whether there was an option during setup to accept this value(s) or is this something that we need to use --even on production?

Hi ·Paul,

  1. Open LIMS Setup ( see A quick start into SENAITE · SENAITE)

  2. Click ‘Laboratory Information’


Hey Grulisco, thanks so much for your reply. I can’t however, see a “Laboratory Info” card (like on the sample page on Senaite) on my install. I only have a “Senaite Test Lab” card which when clicked it shows all fields already pre-filed -hence my question :thinking:

What am I missing?

NOTE: Hmm… that was strange. I just re-installed Senaite, created a new Lab using the advanced option and did get the Laboratory Information card, however no way to edit it. I can only see what looks like a Form without an edit/add button…

Senaite Test Lab card is the right one, because the button is renamed after the first lab setup.

No ‘Edit’ Button in the upper left bar beside the senaite logo?
I missed your point obviously.

Might be a problem of privileges of your login. Are you logged in as lab manager?

Again, thanks so much!! Bad me. Edit option was RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE the whole time :man_facepalming:

Now that I got your attention: I’m trying to set Senaite for Clinical Lab purposes. Besides senaite.patient, do you by any chance of any way to set Senaite LIMS for Clinical Labs?


Sorry, I’ve got no experience in clinical labs nor in running nor senaite.patient - so I can’t really help there.
Supposedly this is be a matter of complex configuration and customization, could be done with professional support.
I recommend opening new topics for new questions by the way…