Backups and restores

Hello Everyone.

I successfully installed Senaite LIMS on our Ubuntu server and am able to log in and access.

I have a question about backups and restoring from backups, apologies in advance if this is a basic question. Ubuntu server has a few options for creating backups and then in the case of a system failure you can re-install from one of those backups. If I were to use one of the Ubuntu backup and restore functions would that also restore our instance of Senaite LIMS to the state it was in when the backup was done OR do I need to do some special / different type of backup for Senaite specifically?

We run a paper based system right now but I’d like to go digital. Restoring data from a backup is an important point for us so I would like to evaluate this carefully.

Thanks, Senaite seems like a really cool project and I am looking forward to exploring more.

Hi @tfraleigh,

I can’t answer for the Ubuntu server backups, but you will find plenty of information for Plone backups. Plone is the framework Senaite is based on: