Begin to install Senaite health and senaite lims 1.3.4

Hi everybody,

I tried to install senaite lims 1.3.5. it’s run with Plone 4.3.20 but this plone is no longer accesible.

Can anyone help me?

Hi @sandro

Install Plone 4.3.19 (I dont think Plone 4.3.20 installer was released) then update your buildout config by pointing to

Good luck with the Senaite 1.3.x dependencies. I gave up manually installing the dependencies.

What Senaite Health functionality are you after? Have you looked at Senaite Patient?

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Hi @ronaldm
Thank you,
I finished the installation. I haven’t looked at Senaite Patient. in Your opinion. Which of these systems do you think is the better?
I would like to have a medical information and patient oriented information system.
Thank you


Hi @sandro

It depends on your use case, its been a while since I last used Senaite Health. I have briefly looked at Senaite Patients.

Hi @sandro and @ronaldm . Senaite Patient is far from ready to by used in a clinical laboratory (in fact in my opinion it is pretty much useless, besides the point that it at least records the patient’s details - which could be used in the COA reports and perhaps in a clinical genetics lab where a patient will likely ever have 1 analysis. Bika Health is the nearest and most applicable to a clinical lab’s workflow but not compatible with the 2.x versions of Senaite. Best is probably to try get Bika (Senaite) Health working or to rewrite the whole Senaite.Patient module to be able to view patients’ past results - but I suspect it would need extensive work. Senaite.patient do not yet adequately link patients and their results, which is in my opinion the bare minimum one needs in a patient-centered LIS for a clinical laboratory. Clicking on a patient should present a view of the patients’ past analyses.