Bika_setup manual edit of AutoLogOff value

inserting a 99999999 value for the AutoLogOff we locked ourselves out from Senaite.

If we login we are logged out in 1 second.

Zope /manage_main is working and doesn’t log me out.

I could export bika_setup.zem and I can see at line 29
AutoLogOff: 99999999

I could export bika_setup.zexp

I opened it with text editor, changed the value, saved, copied in /import and imported back but obviously the import failed.

Less obviously: I exported bika_setup.zexp from the staging “twin” Senaite and I imported on the main production Senaite but import failed (why?).

How can I solve this problem?
How can I edit that precise and simple value?
Right now our Senaite is unusable because we can’t login.

Thanks in advance

Disabling java on the browser there is no more auto logout function, so I could change the wrong value in the Setup page.