Change Senaite admin password after install


I run into a weird scenario. After deploying Senaite to a server one should change the default admin password, which is admin, to something more secure. Which is the end goal of this post, change the admin password after deployment.

After searching threads online I found that the admin:admin is initially baked into the binaries. A option would be to rebuild the binaries using an updated password in the appropriate .cfg file. I don’t want to follow this route…

Using the web interface of Senaite to change the password for admin initially gives an error on the Senaite site. A suggested solution is to add an user in /manage_main/source_users. I didn’t see an user in the Plone site, therefore added an admin user with the id admin and name admin, after which i gave it a new password. Now i am able to change the admin password in the Senaite site as well, so the error is gone.

However now I am able to still login with the admin:admin and the admin:secure_password. Can anybody tell me wat is going on, or what I should do to resolve this issues. I don’t know if it is a bug, or most probably just me doing something wrong?


The admin user is not backed into the binaries, it is configured in the buildout to create a zope user. Delete the admin user in the plone site and go to the acl_users folder in zope root level and change the admin user password there

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@mikemets Thank you so much, I wasn’t accessing the zope root level folder, after accessing it I could successfully change the password! :grin: