Client ID in report


I would like to know is it possible to add ClientID to a custom report template?
I have customized report templates but couldn’t find an example of code for ClientID.

Thank you.

Simple :frowning:

            <td class="label" i18n:translate="">Client</td>
              <a tal:attributes="href client/absolute_url"
          <td class="label" i18n:translate="">Client ID</td>
            <td tal:content="client/ClientID"></td>


Hi, I am having difficulty in understanding where should the custom template .pt file be placed and how to link it to the LIMS application so that we can access it from the senaite.impress report generation view. I have been looking for related information online but haven’t found the info that I can get it working. Perhaps because my low knowledge on programming. Is there anyone here that can provide some hints?

If you have installed the app in /home/senaite then folder for report templates is:


Replace xxx in the path with version you have installed.

If you are using Senaite Health, then the path should be:


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@bhgr1 :pray: :pray: Thank you very much. I found the directory and placed my template there. It worked.