Cloud Install Issues

Hello All,

I am new to the Python stack and new to Senaite as well.
I followed the instructions in the link Installation · SENAITE
and was able to install this in cloud. Got a vps and used Ubuntu 18.04 as suggested (not sure if its LTS). I was able to get the message “INFO Zope Ready to handle requests”.

So far so good. Now the doc says try localhost:8080. This I cannot do in cloud. I attached a public IP to this vps and allowed port 8080 in the firewall.
I found out the buildout.cfg and changed this line:

The welcome page does not come. I exhausted all that I know, but clueless on what has gone wrong.

I spun up a new VPS and tried installing just plone using this guide. Installation — Plone Documentation v4.3
Reached the same point, but cannot get the welcome page.

Any pointers to this will help.


You likely did not need to change the http-address line, and that is causing your problem.

That line can be left as is, and instead you should point your browser to YOUR_PUBLIC_IP:8080 assuming that port 8080 is allowed through the firewall.

Alternatively, instead of exposing port 8080, you can set up NGINX for Plone and allow NGINX to rewrite the URLs from port 80 (the standard http port) to your local port 8080.


You could also try a Docker image of Senaite if the Unified Installer isn’t working out of the box for you.

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