Costumized field in worksheet for register a manual date

Hi to all,

At this moment I am using Senaite Lims 1.3.4 in my university lab to report results for different researches. In the lab, there are instruments that do not work with software and use is totally manual. For that, I need create a new customized field in worksheet for registered manually the date that this sample has been analyzed that is not equal to automatic capture date.

For that I proceed as follow in the senaite core:

  1. In bika/lims/browser/worksheet/views/ I did a new field called “Manual Capture Date” with follow properties:

     ("ManualCaptureDate", {
     "input_class": "datetimepicker_nofuture",
     "input_width": "10",
     "title": _("Manual Capture Date")}),
  2. Also, I did a item function for render:

        manualdate = self.ulocalized_time(item_obj.ManualCaptureDate, long_format=0)
        item["ManualCaptureDate"] = manualdate if manualdate else " "
  3. In the worksheet view page I see the header in tab analysis, Manual Capture Date, and in cells down a capture date, but I can’t edit this field and never is available to edit.

Any suggestions for doing an edit field in a worksheet? Can you help me with that?

Thank you very much and Best Regards.