Data reports for further analysis

Currently with Senaite Reports interface it is only possible to export productivity or administration type reports.

An important enhancement is to enable a way to export AS with stored results in .csv format for further data analysis with third party software. Filters like “AS” (more than one), “Date”, “Date range”, “Client”, “Sample Point”, ect. can be applied (or not) at the moment to export the .csv file.

Definitely this is an important missing feature.


I suppose, will be the way to go, but it’s in an early development stage yet…

Indeed, I think Senaite Databox is being created for that purpose. There is no specific way to filter and obtain data dynamically in Senaite. As I can see it, so far you have two options:

Example: Download a JSON viewer for your browser and use the following URL to get data from all Samples(Analysis Requests in older versions) from Senaite:

  • Create an addon for Senaite that filters and obtains the specific data you want. Of course, this might require a deeper knowledge about Plone/Senaite addon creation, but you can take advantage of Senaite API to simplify the data gathering calls: It was designed to ease common tasks for developers such as searching data.


Hope senaite.databox becomes available sometime this year
A feature like below by image would solve all problems

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