Develop and customize senaite

Hi. i am a django developer. my question is that is it possible to develop and customize senaite for our needs? how about working plone with python 2.7?? in a few months that will be out of service. i looked at senaite.core github but i cant understand a lot of it and i think that is so hard to develop and customize seniate for our needs. any idea?

First of all, there is the plan to upgade SENAITE to Plone 5 in combination with Python 3:

The first goal has been achieved, so SENAITE v2 is already running on top of Plone 5.2.2:

The second goal will take some time, cause besides making the code to be Python 3 fully compatible, we’d need to move all AT content types to Dexterity. However, this indeed is a top-priority task now.

SENAITE is built on tope of Plone framework + Zope, so if you plan to implement SENAITE and customize it to your needs, better you look first to Plone and Zope documentation:

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Hi @xispa

Thanks for your overview about Python 3 upgrading support, it nice to see that Senaite software now can running on Plone 5.

A question: this release candidate is recomend implement on production environments?

Release candidates are very stable and are the ones we are installing to our clients. This said, always have a look at the latest changes before updating because some pull requests contain a lot of modified files.