Documentation of Lot-Numbers and Expiry Dates during Analysis of Samples

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I am currently trying to set up the Senaite LIMS System in our company. So far I am getting along quite well with the Senaite Quick start Guide as well as the BIKA LIMS Manual. Unfortunately, I could not discover an important function for me:
While the samples are analyzed in the laboratory, certain Lot-numbers and expiry dates should be documented, as this is very important for our quality management system.
So far I could not find any possibility to create such a field or specification for the analysis.
Am I missing this function or is there a good way to realize this?
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Edit: Currently Version 2.1 is installed.

Hi @Paul

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QC/Reference samples can have have expiry dates and other information such as lot numbers. Please have a look at the dated BIKA manual

Thank you for your reply and for the friendly welcome.
Even though this feature is important and will definitely be used by us in the future, I actually meant something else:
During the processing of the samples, certain kits or reagents are used, which should be documented with lot number and expiration date.
We had hoped that if we treated several samples in the same way/ with the same substances, this could also be documented in a superior way.
Accordingly, the possibility to implement one or more query fields, which query this information before entering the results, is “missing”.
So far it seems to me that this is not possible within Senaite, but I would be very happy if I have only overlooked a function.
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