Does anyone need "Unsubmit Results" feature?

Hi Senaite-rs :slight_smile:

Do you need sometimes to unsubmit (roll back analysis to assigned/unassigned review state) results which are entered-in-error by analyst?

For now, you should call “retest” action for that, but thats not what happen in real life. I would prefer add permission for staff in charge to roll back analysis status.

Is that feature worth PR?

Hi @toropok

What is the difference between the proposed feature and the currently available Retract feature?
When a result was captured with a typo, or required retesting where confidence levels are low, reagents were refreshed. or other similar reason, and it is discovered during Verification , it can be retracted and a new result captured

Does the proposed feature meet ISO requirements?


wow… how i missed that O_O


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