Does this LIMs system supports ASTM Language?


Does this LIMs system support ASTM language?


Dear Lily

Senaite does not support ASTM natively, but is capable to import instrument
result data via text based formats, e.g. CSV/Excel.

Efforts exist to build a middleware to communicate over RS-232 (serial) and ASTM.
However, this is at the moment in development stage for a client based project
and not available open source yet.

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I’m actually very interested in this. Is the code still client based only, or is there a base version I can use to get this going?

@muaijaz is still client based only, but has been tested and working in production environment already. We are now focused on finishing the release 1.3.3 mostly, so there is small room to port the functionality to a public add-on atm. But for sure we will do as soon as possible.

Oh, wonderful! I was just about to start trying to mess with this using the community health edition of Intersystems IRIS, but if there is a chance to have this included in the 1.3.3 release, I can just wait. Thank you for all that y’all do!

Also if y’all ever need help testing something in a lab environment, I can volunteer our lab to be a guinea pig. I want to contribute more and if testing is the best thing I can do, then I will be glad to help in any way :slight_smile:

Hi @muaijaz, just to avoid confusion and wrong expectations: I think that @xispa wanted to say that the ASTM module will not be released soon because finishing Senaite 1.3.3 is already taking a lot of work.

It is an interesting module to have, but the companies supporting Senaite have to balance projects for clients and investment in Senaite. Therefore, it may take time to port a client focused functionality to a more general package.

Anyway, everybody is more than welcome to test Senaite and report potential improvements or bugs!

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