EAN-13 Barcode to use in samples

Good morning,

I have installed senaite lims.
I’m configuring it, but have some questions if someone can help me.

I need to use ean-13 code in senaite,

I know that is possible, could someone help me in this matter ?



Just add a “stickers” directory in your add-on and register the directory as an static resource in a configure.zcml:

  <!-- Custom stickers -->
  <plone:static directory="stickers" type="stickers" name="MyAddon"/>

Then, add your templates (pt) and their style sheets (CSS) in there. There are plenty of examples of barcode labels here: https://github.com/senaite/senaite.core/tree/1.3.x/bika/lims/browser/templates/stickers

SENAITE uses this Barcode-coder jQuery library, which supports EAN-13 format. Check their documentation https://barcode-coder.com/en/