Editing Suppliers leads to "Reference Samples"

Dear colleagues,

I just installed Plone-4.3.15 using UnifiedInstaller on CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804 (Core), then added senaite.lims 1.2.0 to the system.

In the “Suppliers” page, click an existing supplier, Senaite leads me to “Reference Samples” page. Also, in “LIMS Configuration” page, there is no “Reference Samples” link.

Are these just my problems? Thanks!



This was fixed yesterday in github; https://github.com/senaite/senaite.core/pull/898

Senaite’s release cycle is quite regular, so if you don’t want to use code directly from github, you don’t have long to wait for the fixed version.

In the meanwhile, as a workaround for viewing supplier details other than their Reference Sample listing, you can use the URLs for the different views directly by adding ‘/edit’, /‘contacts’, or ‘/instruments’ after the supplier ID in the URL.

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The fix seems still not in the Senaite.core, Senaite. lims 1.2.2. Thanks!