Enhancing senaite.jsonapi to include custom searches by fields

Using senaite.lims 2.0.0rc3, it is not possible to query clients by the getClientId parameter(i.e http://localhost:8080/senaite/@@API/senaite/v1/search?portal_type=Client&getClientID=some-client-id). It’d be great being able to do so especially from an implementation perspective which is my current use-case. I’ve been familiarising my self with the senaite.jsonapi to see how this can be possible. I’ve also seen the documentation around extending senaite.jsonapi. Could anyone help make it easier or get me up-to speed how the above url could be functional? Any thoughts @xispa, @Espurna. Thanks in advance.
cc @mksrom, @enyachoke

Hi all, for this I’ve created an issue and a proposed fix in draft PRs for 1.3.x and 2.x. @xispa any thoughts are highly appreciated. cc @Espurna