Error Reference value is mandatory for sequence type counter?

Looks like you have an issue in your ID sever configuration.
Can you share the values you entered for AnalysisRequest?

Hi @ramonski
After Changing The AR values several time that Problem Was solved.but how did it happen the error?

What does “After Changing the AR values” mean? Did you clicked here and there in the sample registration form? Did you modify some values from the ID server? What exactly did you do? Note is really difficult to provide you with help if you don’t give detailed information about what you did and what you tried.

The error you got was probably because the ID formatting of the Sample (aka AnalysisRequest) you had set in ID server had wrong values for at least one of the following parameters: “Seq Type”, “Context”, “Counter Type” and/or “Counter Ref”. Note the ID server is maybe one of the most complex things to configure in SENAITE.

Please do visit and read the “Setup > Id server” view for information about wildcards and other important stuff re ID settings.

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