Field 'Patient' is required - I have no patients I am a soil laboratory

Hi, I have installed senaite.lims and eggs, built-out, deployed on nginx, but I cannot submit an Analysis Request (AR) because I am required to provide a Patient. But it will not allow me to make or select or submit without this, and to be honest as a soil laboratory I do not want patients in the mix.

So I removed the senaite.heatlh egg from buildout, and rebuilt. I thought this would remove Patients but it has not.

  1. Do I need to do a clean build of senaite to remove this Patient requirement?
  2. If I cannot remove can I just have it default to β€œanon” ?

Any solutions you may have. Until I can sort this I cannot submit an AR and learn the next steps in how to structure plone/senaite to meet our needs,

much appreciated

Problem solved. I rebuilt without, stopped and resarted the plone service and it is gone.

Indeed, you do not need Senaite Health, just the LIMS version

Yes, I have grown in confidence with my buildouts at first I had issues so folllowed online blogs religiously and they all had I want to thank you for such a superb software. It is a challenge to learn, but one I am investing in here in Zambia. best regards Ben

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Thanks @ben for the flowers :heart: It is always nice as a developer to get compliments like this. All the best for your implementation project of SENAITE in Zambia – keep us updated about your progress and meet us as well in the Gitter chatroom (
Best Regards