FOSS Cannabis LIMS

Hi @agoulah, rather late than never as they say

Re Bika Cannabis, I scanned the tracker and this is some of the work that went into it

All the regulatory paraphernalia, ibnlt:

  • Client and Lab licensing
  • COA and METRC compatible results CSV, in extra LIMS folders
  • State Limits as Product/Analysis Specifications
  • Forensic quality Sample Chain of Custody, COC
  • Some attributes and l10n, Strain, Lot #, Cultivation Batch

Am very proud of it but the COC workflow engine in the end got all wound down by METRC limitations - survived as a print, the engine lurks. We were hoping for full interfacing with state systems, capturing data only once.

Unit Conversion was another biggy, e.g. Cannabinoids needed to be reported as mg/g and %, edibles in g per unit say.

There were also Photo upload improvements, optional auto resizing and bulk uploads.

Performance was a big deal, the lab were doing 110 Analyses per Sample and all the many unit conversions, and calculated results on top of that hampered proceedings, We optimised forms and lists and moved a lot of the heavier lifting to the background.

Works well now but needs better feedback loop to user. And more can be done wrt to optimising Worksheets.

Batch AR Import were improved but ideally should be replaced with populating Batch ARs and Samples from the Batch Create and edit screens themselves.

A number of Instrument interfaces and a handy spreadsheet importer were added:


  • LC MS/MS Nexera X2 LCMS-8050

  • GC MS/MS GCMS-TQ8030

  • HPLC-PDA Nexera-I LC2040C


  • ICP-AES ICPE-9000

  • List item

Agilent Mass Hunter

In the end the project got put on hold in the face of Confident Cannabis marketing. We are awaiting feedback from our prospect on how that went. I am cleaning up the configuration and with the help of @lunga and @mikemets plugging holes on the one hand, and talking to our local lab people and interested parties, currently North America mostly. The demo forever remains near ready…

A bit of a rushed summary, all questions welcome. Bests, l

COA at