Generating custom-IDs for samples


This question was posted in Beginner's problems by @RaabJoh I have moved it because I thoutgh it was interesting to have the question and the answer in a more specficic discussion than previous one.

I still struggle with generating custom-IDs for the samples, maybe you or anyone else can help.

This is the configuration in ID server I use right now. But whenever I generate a new sample by opening an AR i only get SampleID = {sampleType}-{seq:04d}
Do I have to change the ID generation on the AR? or is there no way to get more info into the ID?
Is it possible to generate extra-strings I would like to have in the ID generation? For example manufacturer or anything similar?

Beginner's problems

If you are using 1.3 or higher, Sample and AR have been “merged” into AR behind the scenes. Therefore you need to set the AR config in the ID Server.

WRT extra info in the strings, this is not possible at the moment but you could add them to core and create a pull request.


Alright, thank you for the information on merging.

I also found out that I can use {clientId} to remove the error I generate after using {client}
Is there a full list of customizable things I can put in my ID? Like {clientId} or {year} besides the one in the BikaLims documentation or in senaite’s ID server settings?


Well spotted wrt clientId - please create an issue here so it’s not forgotten

Regarding available variables, I only know of the ones listed on the ID Server tab.