How can I send reports to users by email?

I have seen through the document configuration and successfully sent the test email. However, when sending an email through the report interface, it failed. The variable name $recipients was not referenced. What should I do to be referenced? Thank you for your reply


your traceback error messages indicate a problem with special characters (chinese?).

Please try to send the report mail with plain ascii characters, especially in the recipients and labmanagers mailaddress an the subject line, and look whether the problem persists.

Please test again with plain ascii also for subject and mail body.

“I tried it and still reported the same error. Can I refer to your settings and have a look?”

Not that complex…
It simply points to our Intranet Mailserver…

I can successfully send emails here, but failed to send emails through the report generation interface? Can you successfully send email on the report interface?

Please message box to receive messages.

Thanks, but sending the report still doesn’t work? I don’t know which part is wrong