How can I use Batches to perform action in Bulk and also follow up the status from system dashboard

Hello all, we were implementing our LIMS system and one of our needs was to be able to perform action in Bulk and also get an overview of those grouped samples rather than an overview that shows all samples which can be a bit too much. And also individually updating status for each sample can be cumbersome and adds overhead for our lab. And I was wondering if there is something I am missing.

Is it maybe possible to use Batches (with multiple samples) to change status of all samples in Bulk and also create a worksheet for a Batch (and not necessarily individually add each sample) and follow the status of a Batch from the system dashboard?

I am curious if a Batch is only just for grouping samples together or if it can also be used to bulk change information of it’s individual samples. And if this is not possible, is writing my own API or add-on the only alternative or is there an option to ask the Senaite development team to customize our Senaite to meet our needs?

Thank you everyone and I appreciate the amount of work that went into developing this system.

Hi @Henok

All the bulk actions can be done from the Sample list, in the batch to exclude other noise, except for Verification - best done in Worksheets

Bika Labs did Batch sample import, Bulk Sample Import and are working on Batch invoices

Dear Ronald, Thank you for the reply.

But to clarify a bit more, for the Analysis services, it allows to associate some values like “1”,“0”… to a display name like “done”, “failed”. our aim was to apply changes like this to a batch/group of samples in bulk. when successfully implemented, we should be able to press a button and the analysis service result for selected samples is the applied.

Thank you.