How to access senaite lims database

I was able to successfully install senaite LIMS and HEALTH. Now I need to import patients from my other app to senaite using csv/xls file or direct db dump. Is this doable. where I can find senaite lims database. Is there a way to create patient via api. what is the api endpoint?

Hi @prabba90,

Senaite relays on ZODB, an oriented object database. To get readable data from the DB you have to access the Python object stored as a “pickle” and then instantiate it.

As I see it, you have two options to get/export/import data from/to Senaite:

  • You can create your own addon:
  1. Read Plone documentation to understand the addon creation:

  2. Build an Add-on from scratch. You can copy as your template and rename/add the things you need).

  3. Make use of Senaite internal API ( You will find some examples about how to use the API functions here: