How to change default port?

Senaite default port is 8080,I want to change it.Becase other application may use 8080 as the default port.

I solve this problem by myself.
when I return to search the file ‘Plone-4.3.19-UnifiedInstaller’,
I find the key infomation in the file ‘README.txt’:


- Stand-Alone:

  - Zope server runs on port 8080

    Edit ``buildout.cfg`` and run ``bin/buildout`` to change port.

- ZEO Cluster:

  - ZEO server runs on port 8100
  - ZEO client1 runs on port 8080
  - ZEO client2 runs on port 8081
  - ...

Edit ``buildout.cfg`` and run ``bin/buildout`` to change ports.

as the article said, it works.

Well done! Easy peasy, right?