How to change the admin password after installation?

I followed the installation and was able to setup senaite.

Now, I am logged in as admin with the password in the guide which was also admin.

Of course, now I need to change the password right away. Though, I don’t find a change password function. Where/how can I change the password to something secure?

Hi @soerendip, login with admin user. Then, type http://localhost:8080/manage_main and go to acl_users > source_users. Look for the username and press the Password link next to it. Type the new password and Save.

Keep in mind that your ‘admin’ user and the users that you create via " instance adduser" are created in acl_users at the root of Zope, not in acl_users within your SENAITE site. Thus, you won’t see the admin user inside acl_users if you go to “Site Setup > Zope Management Interface” .

This said, remember to use admin user for administrative tasks only.

Thanks. Unfortunately, admin is not listed under



Sorry for the late reply. Your admin username and password are initially set in the buildout.cfg file. You can always view it or change it there then run buildout again. See example [instance] section of buildout.cfg below.

recipe = plone.recipe.zope2instance
user = admin:admin
http-address =
eggs =
zcml =
environment-vars =
zope_i18n_compile_mo_files true

So, it is more or less hard coded into the build and it is not possible to change it after the build. What is about the data and user etc, when I rebuild? Do I have to worry that something gets lost?

Admin password should not be accessible in plan text for production sites…

I suggest to you to read Plone and Zope documentation on this regard:

I hope some of these links help you!

If admin user is not listed at the root of the instance (http://localhost:8080/acl_users/users/manage_users), then simply add a user with the “Add a user” link