How to create single invoice for batch of samples?

How is a single invoice for a batch of samples generated?

For example my client submits 5 water samples together for E Coli testing. We want one single COA report and one single invoice for this batch of samples.

I think this is not possible in Seniate. You can create an invoice for one Sample only… But I am not sure whether this “invoice” will has an invoice number…

Analyses and Analysis Profiles have an associated cost. So, in my opinion you have two easy options to generate a document containing the prices of several samples:

  1. By the creation of a report ( where you can select samples and create an invoice from them.

  2. Modify the COA to create the invoice after the COA itself

Note that Senaite does not have an accountability module.

Thanks for that info. The ID server generates invoice numbers for individual samples and that type of invoicing through Senaite works well: price, discounts, taxes, subtotal and total.

Unfortunately we never bill samples individually. Each project is always a set of samples received together on one chain of custody that ultimately becomes a single report with single invoice.

I’ll see what we can do with custom reports but for now continue using a separate system.