How to customize SENAITE for researching laboratory?

Hi everyone!

I am PhD student of material researching laboratory and I want to integrate SENAITE LIMS in experiments workflow. As our laboratory doesn’t work with patients, I would like to change, firstly, “clients” group to “experiment”, add some other groups, like “grants”, “materials” etc.

I’ve found a lot LIMS for clinic laboratories and have not found any solutions for researching labs.

My work is around chemistry and physics, so I don’t know much about python and Plone. My experience is: to install SENAITE by the guide on Ubuntu and making graphs in matplotlib package in python.

What would you recommend reading, practicing to achieve this goal? Or can you type some tutorial (or share link) for customizing this LIMS?

Hi @Ilia and welcome!

You can have a look at previous comments in this forum: Where to start learning the Senaite code?

Senaite is developed on Plone, so you could start reading about Plone and Zope (there are some tutorials on the Internet).

Also, Senaite uses a modular approach, so functionalities are segmented into different (Plone) addons. Try understanding an addon and learn its structure:

The customizations you want should be done inside an addon for your case, from there you can modify Content Types and functionalities from Senaite core and Health.

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