How to export customer data, samples, etc?

Dear partners,

First I want to thank you for the support given to this powerful LIMS.
I am new to SENAITE and I have managed to clear up several doubts thanks to this community, but I am stuck in a problem that prevents me from going into production with this LIMS:
I can’t find a way to export data (clients, samples, etc). I know there is a reports section, but unfortunately it is very limited. At the very least I would like a general report of all clients, perhaps by date, age, etc.
I have read many cases like these and followed the possible solutions they provide, but sadly none of them work. For example:

  1. .Databox: cannot be installed because there is an error in the download. In this case they said that it only works in SENAITE 2.0.0rc3, but it has not been released yet.
  2. .Exporter: It is archived and not supported at the moment
  3. .SqlMultiplexer: It is archived and not supported at the moment
  4. RESTful JSON API: Yes it shows the information I am looking for, but it does not allow me to export it
  5. Export button next to pagination: it is not enabled in the version I have (I installed SENAITE 2 weeks ago)

As you can see, I am exploring all possible solutions, but none of them work for me.
I hope you can help me, since I am really interested in using this LIMS, but I think the reports are very necessary for decision making.

Thanks a lot.

Hi @Henderson, in order to use SENAITE at its full potential, you should consider installing it from the source code and work closely with a company that know how the system works.

Note that it is difficult for the providers to keep up with the Python eggs releases for all addons at the same time they are working for their customers.

  1. Databox is a great tool to export small amount of data.
  2. SQL-Multiplex is not archived, and it is not meant to export data. It was not released as a Python egg and labeled as “not ready for production” because still lacks some nice functionalities.
  3. The life cycle of versions is sometimes difficult to guess, therefore I suggest again that you consider installing it from source code with the help of a company in order to have the best service and experience.

Another option is to use the JSON API to make your own queries: senaite.jsonapi — senaite.jsonapi 1.2.3 documentation

Best regards,

Hello @Espurna thanks for answering. I understand what you are telling me, in this case, could you please tell me or recommend companies or people that perform this installation service from source code?

  1. I cannot install Databox, I get the following error:
Error: There is a version conflict.
We already have: senaite.core 2.0.0rc3
but senaite.lims 1.3.4 requires ‘senaite.core <1.4.0’.

You said in this case that SENAITE 2 has not been released yet, so how could I use it?

Thank you very much for your support.

Hi @Henderson, you can find them listed in the senaite website: SENAITE · Enterprise Open Source Laboratory System

It has not been “officially” released yet, but you can find its code in GiHub, and it works in production environments for what I know: GitHub - senaite/senaite.lims at 2.x

The providers use that code together with other elements for “enterprise” installations.