How to export Senaite Setup with Generic Setup in Senaite 2

Hello Guys,

I tried to export all of my setup from an Senaite 2 to an another one.
I’ve followed this tutorial:

The problem is that when I follow this, there is no error. No setup also when I try to import it to a new instance of Senaite 2. I think that It doesn’t export all the setup :confused:

Another strange thing is that the content is so strange in the checkbox 9. As you see here:

what it means?
How export all Senaite Setup in Senaite 2? Is there something that I’ve missed?
Can someone help me please?

Hi @elirabalison,

we fixed several issues in the version 2.0.0rc3 (unreleased at time of writing), where we address some important issues with the export/import machinery:

However, the problem you describe is because you selected the wrong export step.
You need to export “SENAITE: Export Content Structure”:

Please do this with Version 2.0.0rc3 and it should work.

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