How to get notified of events by email or similar

Dear community,
what is the most practical way to get informed by Senaite LIMS of events such as:

  • instrument needs calibration
  • reference standard expires
  • sample or batch is verified

Can it send emails or calendar entries?
RSS feed possibly?
Or do I need to extract the dates on a regular basis interfacing with the JSON API or something and use a custom tool to accomplish this?


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I guess, this has to be developed as an enhancement.

At least lab managers get informed of expired calibrations by status messages like this:


Yes, there are the status messages that are shown on top of the contents/listings.
But is there an option to write those into an email or into an RSS fedd that can be subscribed to from outside Senaite?

At least for analyses asigned to a specific analyst, email notification would be helpful.


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Hi, i have the same issue, i need to notify by mail when a instrument needs calibrations. Have you solve your problem?

Hi @palin and @der.einstein,

For notifications, Senaite can send an email with the published COA during the publishing transition.

Other default notifications can be found in the “setup” page:

Note that other notifications are possible in Senaite, but have to be developed as new enhancements.

I hope I could address your concerns.

Plone has a content rules facility which allows one to configure an action (notify the user or send an email) to happen when an event occurs in the site (like an object is transitioned or modified).

It will be possible to send emails for one of your requirements “sample or batch is verified”. I think a good enhancement would be to extend the events and/or actions to satisfy the other requirements.