How to handle preparation steps

For few of our samples special preparation is necessary and I wonder how to handle it properly.
It should be chosen with registration, and it has to be noted in the analysis report finally.
At the moment I would try to manage this with an analysis service and a profile as a workaround, although it is in fact not a service with a result.
The result could be ‘yes’ or ‘done’ or whatever, only to appear in the final report.
Additional remarks might be made and can be set as default.
Eventually creating a corresponding method with a longer description is an option.

Are there better ways to deal with this problem, e.g. by using preservation functionality (which I did not explore yet)?

IIRC there was experimental preparation support in the former bika code…

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Hi @grulisco, there is the Sample Preservation from Bika, but I am not sure how consistent it is…

You can find it here to test whether it is still usable:

I’ll give it a try, if I only had time…
IIRC it was a little confusing.


How was your progress with preparation steps?


Hi @toropok,

it’s still an issue, but I didn’t even manage to try preservation yet :slightly_frowning_face:

@grulisco - thanks :slight_smile:

We have some Prep Methods like digestions that need to be done before other analyses can. We typically do as you mention and create an Analysis Profile that includes both the Prep and the Analysis. We actually have a whole Analysis Category dedicated to ‘Prep Methods’.

We then use a custom Senaite Impress report that only displays what we want on it.

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