How to handle preparation steps

For few of our samples special preparation is necessary and I wonder how to handle it properly.
It should be chosen with registration, and it has to be noted in the analysis report finally.
At the moment I would try to manage this with an analysis service and a profile as a workaround, although it is in fact not a service with a result.
The result could be ‘yes’ or ‘done’ or whatever, only to appear in the final report.
Additional remarks might be made and can be set as default.
Eventually creating a corresponding method with a longer description is an option.

Are there better ways to deal with this problem, e.g. by using preservation functionality (which I did not explore yet)?

IIRC there was experimental preparation support in the former bika code…

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Hi @grulisco, there is the Sample Preservation from Bika, but I am not sure how consistent it is…

You can find it here to test whether it is still usable:

I’ll give it a try, if I only had time…
IIRC it was a little confusing.