How to install SENAITE health


I’m new to this community and i would like to know how to install SENAITE lims on SENAITE.
According to this guide i got this error,

$ buildout
Installing instance.
Version and requirements information containing senaite.lims:
  Base installation request: 'Plone', 'Pillow', 'senaite.lims', '', 'simplejson', 'plone.recipe.zope2instance'
  Requirement of senaite.lims<1.4.0
  Requirement of senaite.lims>=1.3.4
  Requirement of senaite.lims: setuptools
  Requirement of senaite.lims: senaite.jsonapi>=1.2.3
  Requirement of senaite.lims: senaite.impress>=1.2.4
  Requirement of senaite.lims: senaite.core.spotlight>=1.0.3
  Requirement of senaite.lims: senaite.core.listing>=1.5.2
  Requirement of senaite.lims: senaite.core<1.4.0
  Requirement of senaite.lims: senaite.core>=1.3.4
  Requirement of senaite.panic: senaite.lims>=2.0.0rc1
  Requirement of senaite.lims<1.4.0: setuptools
  Requirement of senaite.lims<1.4.0: senaite.jsonapi>=1.2.3
  Requirement of senaite.lims<1.4.0: senaite.impress>=1.2.4
  Requirement of senaite.lims<1.4.0: senaite.core.spotlight>=1.0.3
  Requirement of senaite.lims<1.4.0: senaite.core.listing>=1.5.2
  Requirement of senaite.lims<1.4.0: senaite.core<1.4.0
  Requirement of senaite.lims<1.4.0: senaite.core>=1.3.4
  Requirement of senaite.lims>=1.3.4: setuptools
  Requirement of senaite.lims>=1.3.4: senaite.jsonapi>=1.2.3
  Requirement of senaite.lims>=1.3.4: senaite.impress>=1.2.4
  Requirement of senaite.lims>=1.3.4: senaite.core.spotlight>=1.0.3
  Requirement of senaite.lims>=1.3.4: senaite.core.listing>=1.5.2
  Requirement of senaite.lims>=1.3.4: senaite.core<1.4.0
  Requirement of senaite.lims>=1.3.4: senaite.core>=1.3.4
  Installing instance.
Error: There is a version conflict.
We already have: senaite.lims 1.3.4
but senaite.panic 2.0.0 requires 'senaite.lims>=2.0.0rc1'.

In the reply section one developer told this. 1.x series should point to senaite.panic 1.x series…

You can work it around by adding the version restriction here:


But, I don’t know how to install it manually. Can someone please help me?

Hi @oshanJayakody,
you can pin this version in your buildout.cfg in the [versions] section:

senaite.panic = 1.0.1

Then re-run the buildout script as described here:

Regards, Ramon

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Thank you so much@ramonski for the help.
But I think I got it installed manually by saving the extension in SRC folder and adding it to develop location